Your Own Poster

Your Own Poster  
Your Own Poster


Upload a file and have up to 50 of your own posters printed. Select from a list of popular poster sizes or specify how big your posters needs to be printed.

You can upload a TIFF, JPG or PDF file.It will automatically be scaled and checked.



The resolution of the image must be at least 50 pixels per inch and you will be warned if it is below 150 dpi. Lower resolutions lead to lower image quality, especially if your poster can be viewed from a very short distance.

If the image does not fit perfectly on the poster, you can scale and shift it. Check that there are no unwanted white borders and that the correct part of the image gets trimmed (the darker grey on the right hand side of the example below).




x mm
Precio Total:


Tamaño Material
Mínimo (an x al): 200 x 200 mm
Máximo (an x al): 5,500 x 3,500 mm
Una Cara
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